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Discover Our Studio Production

Discover Our Studio Production


Consciously handcrafted in-house

Since the label’s inception, all Bianca Mavrick Jewellery is consciously handcrafted from Bianca’s own studio in Australia via small batch, in-house studio production!

Every piece of jewellery passes through our hands before it heads out into the world - there is the upmost attention to detail paid in every aspect of the production process, to ensure we create luxury, contemporary costume jewellery with a distinct differentiation in quality in comparison to offshore manufactured costume jewellery.

We can’t imagine our jewellery being made any other way! Take a look behind the scenes and discover our production processes.

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Above: The soldering process.

Bianca soldering earring components. We only use sterling silver ear-posts to make sure every piece is made with precious metals to be compatible with sensitive ears.

Our precious metals are sourced from Australian Silver mill manufacturer whose commitment to environmental sustainability means they use only recycled raw materials wherever possible and to limit our impact on the environment.

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“I aim to design pieces that occupy a space between precious jewellery and costume jewellery through a focus on attention to detail and elevated craftsmanship.”
— Bianca Mavrick

Bianca Mavrick Jewellery is small-scale independent label with big ideas when it comes to our design and production philosophy:

Original Design Components

Every component that makes up a design is an original piece designed and developed by Bianca. Design sketches, line drawings and paper cut-outs are translated into design components that are put through a variety of production processes to become a finished piece!

A Component-based Design Practice

Bianca Mavrick Jewellery employs a ‘Minimal Waste’ strategy through a component based designs practice.

The label’s design philosophy is based on motif components which are used across multiple designs and seasons. Components are often featured in multiple colour ways and the colour coating is only applied as it is needed. This means that excess components at the end of the season can be re-worked into future seasons designs to minimise any waste or dead stock. 

Small batch production

Bianca Mavrick Jewellery is handcrafted in small batches as demand is required. Because our jewellery is consciously crafted in-house we are able to control our production and stock levels to minimise waste and dead stock each season.

2019_04_11 Bianca Mavrick Studio-14.jpg

Above: Silver-smithing production processes

Going through the production process involves many repetitive silver-smithing hand tasks like drilling, filing, soldering, sanding and polishing.

2019_04_11 Bianca Mavrick Studio-16.jpg
“We care about craftsmanship and couldn’t ever consider our pieces being made anywhere but our own in-house studio, being passed through our own hands and into the world.”
— Bianca Mavrick

Along with our design philosophy to minimise waste in stock production, Bianca Mavrick Jewellery employs sustainable business practices to ensure our in-house production makes a minimal impact on the environment.

Sustainable Production Practices

We employ sustainable studio practices to ensure our studio runs efficiently and consciously. Scrap precious metals are recycled for re-use. We save and reuse all boxes and packaging. All excess soft plastics are reused as much as possible and eventually sent to be recycled via RedCycle. All chemicals used in the production of the jewellery are eco-friendly alternative to protect our health and the environment.

Local outsourcing

Industrial production processes that occur outside of the studio are outsourced to local, Australian businesses, supporting the local economy. Some processes like gold-plating and colour coating occur outside our studio. We have great partnerships with local manufacturers who complete these processes to the same level of attention to detail we have.

2019_04_11 Bianca Mavrick Studio-10.jpg

Above: The assembly process

After our unique components go through their production processes we hand assemble every piece. This is the fun part. We love to assemble the jewellery while listening to a great podcast. Because each piece passes through our hands during this process ensuring every piece is perfect quality.

2019_04_11 Bianca Mavrick Studio-39.jpg
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